Easter in Sardinia: traditional breads are sweet
Sardinian cuisine

Easter in Sardinia: traditional breads are sweet

In Sardinia at Easter real delicacies are prepared, the recipes of which are handed down from generation to generation.

Easter is Sardinia's hottest holiday: the sweets and breads prepared during Holy Week are exquisite and very special.

During the Easter period, women were traditionally used to cook typical local dishes, but above all to prepare bread and cakes to be eaten with the family and during the celebrations and events of Holy Week.

An ingredient that is never missing and which, as in other parts of Italy, represents Easter par excellence, is the egg, a symbol of rebirth, therefore very important and widely used in recipes dedicated to the Easter festivities.

On the tables and in the houses of Sardinia during the Easter period, the many typical Easter sweets and some traditional breads cannot be missing.

We list some desserts and two designer breads that are among the best and most widespread in all of Sardinia.

Easter cakes in Sardinia

Pardulas – Also known by other names (such as Formaggelle or Casatinas), they are small tarts filled with ricotta, raisins and various flavourings. Depending on the location in Sardinia, there are different variations. Furthermore, each family has its own personal recipe, handed down for generations, which is proposed and reused every year.

Su cocoi - the egg is an elementary element of Easter bread in Sardinia. As in the case of Su Cocoi: it is a very particular bread with a particular consistency, in which there are whole eggs.

Pabassinas - One of the most classic Easter sweets from Sardinia. They are also prepared on other holidays (e.g. All Saints' Day), they are pastries that look like large biscuits, the main ingredients are flour, lard, eggs, raisins, grated almonds or sometimes even walnuts.

Mustazzoli - This sweet is also found in other Italian regions, it is perhaps the oldest known in Sardinia, made in the shape of a parallelogram with flour, almonds, sugar, eggs, lemon, cinnamon and milk.

Among the typical sweets of Sardinian Easter we must mention the nougat and the exquisite amaretti biscuits. Unlike northern Italian amaretti, they are soft, large, and flat in places. They are delicious and very aromatic.

Easter bread in Sardinia

Sa pippia - A bread with a magical flavour. It is shaped like a small doll with seven legs, each leg representing a day of Holy Week. According to tradition, this bread was given to children a week before Easter, and then every day they broke their leg in anticipation of Easter.

Lazarus - As you can see, the name refers to the well-known episode of the Gospel. In fact this bread has the shape of a man wrapped in a shroud.

A holiday in Sardinia at Easter will not disappoint you even from a gastronomic point of view,

In addition to the naturalistic wonders, the cordial and typical processions throughout Sardinia, the palate will also be delighted by eating the delicious Sardinian sweets and breads.

Easter in Sardinia: traditional breads are sweet