Trip by dinghy or ferry to the protected marine area of Tavolara
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Trip by dinghy or ferry to the protected marine area of Tavolara

Trip by dinghy or ferry to the protected marine area of Tavolara

From Villa Castànza it is very easy to organize a trip by dinghy or ferry to the protected marine area of Tavolara.

Dinghy trip in the protected marine area of Tavolara

For a dinghy trip to Tavolara during the summer season it is possible to go to Porto Istana and book a trip to enjoy the spectacle of an incredible sea and unique backdrops with spectacular flora and fauna.

From Porto Istana, after about 10 minutes of navigation, you reach the Marine Protected Area of Tavolara-Punta Coda Cavallo.

All dinghy tours include stops for snorkelling, depending on the weather and sea conditions the person in charge on board will decide where to go, the possibilities are many since the area also includes Molara and Molarotto.

The wreck of the Chrisso is a stop that both young and old generally enjoy. It is a cargo flying the Cypriot flag sunk in 1974, the bow emerges from the water and the depth of the seabed is about 6 meters.

The beauty of this site, in addition to the peculiarity of the ship, is represented by the quantity of fish that have found their home here.

For those who love the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, a stop at the Piscine di Molara, close to the islet of the same name, cannot be missed.

For the more sporty and adventurous, however, a swim in the seabed under the imposing limestone cliff of the island of Tavolara may be interesting, also here rich in fish and with a truly suggestive underwater panorama.

Snorkeling equipment is available on board (flippers, mask and short wetsuit) and information on marine species and seabed flora is always provided.
It is not necessary to bring food or drinks as a snack with water and soft drinks is always provided and it is also possible to carry out guided dives for those who already have the patent, or dives accompanied by qualified instructors

Ferries to Tavolara

Ferries to the island of Tavolara leave from Porto San Paolo, about 20 km from Olbia.
The ferry company offers two types of connection: the simple ferry or the guided excursion.

Guided ferry excursions generally include an intermediate stop on the islet of Molara, where tourists can dive and immerse themselves in the natural pools created between the rocks.

Once you arrive on the island of Tavolara, however, you can stay until the last departure of the ferries, freely choosing at what time to return.

Ferry timetables

From mid-July to the end of August there are 9 ferry departures from Porto San Paolo, from 9.00 to 13.30, so keep in mind that there are no afternoon departures.

Return ferries from Tavolara depart only in the afternoon, from 1.30pm to 6.30pm.

If you decide to take the excursion with a tour guide, there are only two departures, early in the morning.
In the rest of the year, contact the ferry company to find out the available times.

Spalmatore di Terra

Let's now talk in detail about the island of Tavolara, an imposing jewel visible from many places in Sardinia, with an unmistakable profile.

Tavolara can be divided into two areas:

The so-called "upper part" includes the entire north-eastern area of the island and houses the limestone massif which gives the island its particular shape.

The "lower part", the south-western end of the island, is also called Spalmatore di Terra, from the name of Punta Spalmatore.
Here the most beautiful beaches of the island are concentrated

3 beaches not to be missed

At the Spalmatore di Terra there are three places not to be missed:

  • Punta Spalmatore a separate island connected to the rest of the island by a sandy isthmus. Spectacular and unique, it is a tongue of very fine sand lapped on both sides by a heavenly sea
  • From the port of Tavolara begins a long beach of white sand mixed in some places with pebbles. It overlooks a deep blue sea
  • Just north of the port of Tavolara, there is a sort of small bay, always very quiet and surrounded by Mediterranean scrub
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Trip by dinghy or ferry to the protected marine area of Tavolara