Golfo Aranci
Northeastern Sardinia

Golfo Aranci

Golfo Aranci is one of the villages best known by tourists who reach north-eastern Sardinia by sea.

Golfo Aranci is a small marine center at the foot of the Capo Figari promontory, surrounded by nature, graceful and peaceful surrounded by wonderful beaches.

It is one of the main ports of north-eastern Sardinia, together with the port of Olbia, and many ferries departing from Italian, French and Corsican ports arrive in this very characteristic small village which has maintained a very relaxed and typically Sardinian atmosphere.

The name itself represents a small mystery as told by the inhabitants of Golfo Aranci: a first hypothesis seems to be an incorrect interpretation of the cartographers of the mid-20th century: Gulfu di li Ranci, or gulf of crabs, transformed into Golfo Aranci.
Or the name could derive from the beach of sos Aranzos, it is not known which of the two hypotheses is more accredited!

The beaches of Golfo Aranci

The town extends over a strip of land in the middle of the sea, overlooking the Gulf of Olbia, which ends at the base of Capo Figari.

Paths and paths in the Golfo Aranci area lead to spectacular coves with sandy beaches that alternate with cliffs overlooking turquoise waters with unique colors.
Over twenty beaches, some wild, others equipped, follow one another along the jagged coast: the Five Beaches are true masterpieces of fine white sand overlooking the town.

Towards Olbia the route is no different, the most beautiful beaches and coves alternate with rocks and secluded bays: the Bianca beach, Cala Sassari, Nodu Pianu, Cala Banana, the corner of paradise of Baia Caddinas, the coves Terrata and Baia de Bahas, Baracconi beach and many others.

A particularity is the railway, which runs along the promontory around Capofigari and which allows you to reach some beautiful beaches.
In this area other Caribbean coasts await you: Cala Moresca, lCala Greca, Cala del Sonno and Cala Sabina.

The MuMart of Golfo Aranci

The MuMart of Golfo Aranci is a submerged contemporary art museum, which can also be visited by snorkelling, the only one of its kind in all of Europe.
MuMart is the acronym of "Maritime Museum of Art", and it is possible to admire statues depicting the underwater world, positioned on the seabed.
The only delimitation is given by nets, which enclose the "exhibition" space: marine fauna and flora combine with the works of art to give the visitor a unique and unforgettable experience.

Getting to Villa Castànza from Golfo Aranci

To reach Villa Castànza, the journey takes about half an hour, the road is very beautiful and panoramic and often runs alongside the sea.

Golfo Aranci