Porto Istana, a paradise beach
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Porto Istana, a paradise beach

The beach of Porto Istana, with its fine white sand, is a paradise for children

Porto Istana beach is a real jewel of the north-eastern coast of Sardinia, a marvel of soft white sand with breathtaking colors that decline in all shades of blue.

It is located on the northern edge of the protected marine area of Capo Coda Cavallo.

The beach is located in an inlet dotted with rocks and granite which make the landscape typically Sardinian.
The shallow waters gently rise in depth, the turquoise waves simply rippling the surface of the sea, creating effects of light and color that change with the time of day. Early in the morning, with a clear sky, it seems to dive into a crystalline sea. The white sand has a Caribbean look, but the fragrant Mediterranean scrub and the plateau in the background make the profoundly Sardinian atmosphere of this place unmistakable.

The bay is made up of four beaches separated by small rock tongues.

It is surrounded by the typical Sardinian pink granite and Mediterranean scrub: myrtle, cistus, strawberry tree, heather, holm oak and wild olive. All the beaches have a very fine sand bottom, almost imperceptible, which slopes gently towards the emerald colors of the sea. For all these reasons it is a beach particularly suitable for children.

During the summer season it is possible to practice various water sports: sailing, sup, surfing, snorkeling, furthermore from Porto Istana it is possible to book excursions on a rubber dinghy to visit the beautiful protected marine area of Tavolara, a unique opportunity not to be missed.

The Bay of Porto Istana is located near Capo Ceraso, a granite promontory in the Murta Maria hamlet in the Gulf of Olbia.

From Villa Castànza you can reach this beautiful beach in a comfortable walk of about 20 minutes.

Porto Istana, a paradise beach