When is the best time to travel to Sardinia?
Northeastern Sardinia

When is the best time to travel to Sardinia?

The best time for a holiday in Sardinia is certainly the summer time, the weather from June to September is hot, it hardly rains and the sun is shining.

However, especially for tourists from Northern Europe, the best travel time for Sardinia is wider and goes from mid-April to the end of October.
The summer months are very hot, while the spring and early autumn months still have mild temperatures and are suitable for a more active holiday, for example.

Not only the sea, how beautiful it is all year round, but also bicycles, car rides, guided tours, trekking and many walks in a typically Mediterranean lush nature.

In the summer months of July and August, the daytime temperatures in Sardinia are around 30 degrees Celsius and it almost never rains, so that the holiday is a pure bathing holiday with swimming, rafting and beach life in a setting that is unique in the world.
But Sardinia has much more to offer: nature, culture, outdoor sports, gastronomy and excellent typical dishes.

Climate in Sardinia

Sardinia has a Mediterranean climate, it is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea in the Tyrrhenian Sea.

In summer you can expect temperatures of around 20-30 degrees Celsius in Sardinia, in July and August the daytime temperatures reach 30 degrees Celsius and up to 20 degrees at night.

It gets a bit cooler in winter, but in January the thermometer rarely drops below 6 degrees Celsius.
On average, temperatures between 14 and 16 degrees Celsius also prevail in December, January and February.

In spring and autumn the weather is usually sunny. With six to eight hours of sunshine a day and temperatures between 17 and 28 degrees, the months of March, April, May and June as well as September, October and November are ideal for a holiday in Sardinia.

The best time to go for a beach holiday in Sardinia therefore depends on your favorite activities, whether you want to sunbathe like a lizard or you love sports.

Best travel time for a beach holiday in Sardinia

The best months for a beach holiday full of sea and sunbathing are June, July, August and September.

If you are addicted to summer holidays for school or professional reasons, you can fly to Sardinia in the middle of summer: Olbia airport is connected to over 70 European destinations on a daily or weekly basis.

New routes from all over Europe have been added this year: check if your city is now well connected to Olbia Airport and book a few hours trip that will take you to one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

In midsummer, your days will take place between sunbathing, Caribbean beaches, crystal clear sea, relaxing walks, raft rides and evenings in typical Sardinian restaurants.

Best travel time for an active holiday in Sardinia

With its numerous coasts, lush vegetation, rare animal species, mountains, rivers and streams, ancient villages and archaeological sites unique in the world, the island of Sardinia has many surprises in store for nature and culture lovers.

Active vacationers who want to explore Sardinia should come to the island in spring or autumn.

The weather conditions are perfect to explore the natural beauties and, for the more sporty, to practice outdoor activities in a privileged context. In autumn and spring it is not too hot, the sun is pleasantly warm and there is always a pleasant breeze.

In summary, the months of April, May, June and October are the best travel times for an active holiday in Sardinia.

Conclusions on the best time to visit Sardinia

The Mediterranean island of Sardinia invites you to spend a holiday all year round. The ideal is to get advice on beaches, excursions, outdoor activities, typical villages, archaeological sites and special events that take place on the island in every season.

The particularly good travel months are from May to October.
Those who don't like excessive heat can avoid the two hottest months on the island, July and August, with an average of 30 degrees Celsius per day, and choose a different period, with a pleasantly temperate climate but still suitable for beach life.

The summer months are the most popular for a beach holiday in Sardinia. So if you decide to go during this period, it is advisable to move early and book your flight or ferry and accommodation in advance.

In May, June, September and October prices are cheaper and the beaches and attractions are less crowded. Mild temperatures and little rain in April, May, June and October invite you to wonderful trips to the coast or inland, many nature shows take place out of season, such as the Migrati

When is the best time to travel to Sardinia?